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Dr Stephanie Davis

Go from Surviving, to Thriving in Motherhood.

I help exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious moms transform into energetic, happy, and confident women. 

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PaleoValley, Ruscio Radio, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal

Treatment Paths

Mama, if you have low energy, overwhelm, or anxiety and feel like your hormones or gut aren't quite right, you're in the right place! And, you're not alone. So many women experience these symptoms daily and often push through to take care of their families at the expense of themselves. But, it doesn't have to be this way! You deserve so much more. You deserve to feel great and thrive in all aspects of life. I invite you to explore the treatment options and find what fits your needs best. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Stephanie Davis

Like you, I want to be the best Mom I can be and that requires us to prioritize ourselves. 

I believe that we are all capable of having thriving lives if we focus on all aspects of health- physical, mental, and emotional. Over the last 18 years, I've helped thousands of women and children all over the world discover the roots of their symptoms and conditions, craft programs to solve their issues, and empower them with knowledge for the future. 

I found my way into functional medicine and trauma healing because of my own health challenges:

Severe childhood allergies


Hormonal migraines

Hashimoto's hypothyroidism

Biotoxin illness from mold/mycotoxins, Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme, and Bartonella

Emotional trauma

Perimenopause challenges

Thriving Mama Tribes

Mama, I see you. I've been where you are at and come out the other side thriving. 

I know it's not easy. But, I know it's possible because I've done it for myself and other Moms who believed they could do it if they had a partner to support them along the journey. 


Let me share my first "why" behind my dedication to heal Moms: 


There was a point when my oldest was a year and a half old and I had fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and my hormones were a mess. I barely had enough energy to care for my toddler and run my practice. I remember laying on the couch super tired one day thinking, "This is not how I imagined motherhood." I felt shame, guilt, and sadness. I didn't recognize myself or know where the energetic and vibrant "old me" went. 


I knew I had to do something because this wasn't the version of life I wanted. I had suspicions about what was dragging my health down but had been too afraid to test myself... then I did.  I had mycotoxins from mold, Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme, and Bartonella that were wreaking havoc on my body.  I did the treatments, eliminated the mycotoxins and got the infections into remission, but I still didn't feel 100%. From my education and experiences with patients, I knew the missing piece of the puzzle was trauma and emotional healing. So I tried talk therapy, EMDR, EFT, meditation, and a few other techniques that all helped some, but it wasn't until I did Holographic Manipulation Therapy (HMT) that the needle moved significantly. After that, my sleep, energy levels, mood, and immune system improved- all without changing my diet, taking supplements or spending more money on gadgets, IVs, or the next greatest thing. 


Here's my second 'why':


For my almost two decades in practice, I've watched moms do everything possible to heal their kids, but not themselves despite their best intentions. This always made me so sad because I've been there and I know that transformation is possible when you have the 3 T's: the right Teacher, Tools, and Tribe. So in 2023, I combined my 18 years of functional medicine training with my 6 years of trauma healing certifications and developed the Thriving Mama Program to provide Moms with a proven method to be successful with their health and life goals.  

Community For Women

The Three T's

dr stephanie davis

The word doctor comes from the Latin 'docere" which means to teach. I take that seriously and view it as my responsibility to empower you with the knowledge and experience to transform your health. In every one-on-one or group call, you'll learn valuable information to support you in the healing process now and for the future.

dr stephanie davis

I use a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, functional medicine, and emotional and trauma healing therapies to craft a plan unique to both your needs and where you are at on your journey. Whether you're in the Thriving Mama Program, or a functional medicine or trauma healing client, you'll not only have appointments for learning, but you'll also have access to handouts, guides, videos, and more to build your own personal health toolbox. 

dr stephanie davis

Community and social connection are critical pieces of health and longevity. Sadly, so many Moms lack true community and support in our increasingly connected but isolated world. Alongside the Thriving Mama Program, I also started the Thrive Mama Tribe so that we could all have the village of support we all need and deserve. This private community provides support, resources, and education for you no matter what stage of motherhood you are at.  

You're In The Right Place If:

You have low energy, brain fog, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, mood or gut issues, hormone imbalance or just want to feel like your best self

You've tried books, DIY programs, or even worked with other practitioners but haven't gotten the results you want

You've tried all of the diets, supplements, or latest gadgets that haven't worked

You listened to all of the "experts" but don't know where to start or what is best for you

You've made some progress but want to go even further

You want to work with someone who has been there and gets it

You want results

What People Are Saying

Lindsay H.

"She was also so flexible when my life got a little crazy and she supported me through that too. I can’t even begin to explain the transformation that has taken place- I’ve lost weight and have more energy, time, and joy back in my life with no more anxiety. I feel like a new person- a better version of myself with a new identity. She just gets what moms really need. I’m so happy I took the leap and said YES to myself!! I’m so, so incredibly grateful that Dr. Stephanie created this amazing program and community."

Emily M.

"Thrive Mama was truly life changing. I have been a patient of Dr. Stephanie's for various needs over the last seven years, and I was thrilled at the idea of her creating holistic program that truly covers everything a "surviving" mom needs to dig into. The three months I spent working through Thrive Mama allowed me to actually move from surviving in this season of life to feeling so much hope in my ability to thrive."

Christie E.

"I have so much more energy than last month. My biggest win is that I wasn't triggered by my sister or have anxiety at the dentist." 

Ready To Go From Surviving to Thriving?

If you're ready to go from surviving to thriving not only in health, but in life, Learn more about my Free 20 Minute Thriving Mama Glow Assessment where we’ll explore your health history together and identify what your personal root causes are and how you can start addressing them. 


In Thriving Health,


Dr. Stephanie XO

Thriving Mama Tribes podcast

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Thriving Mama Tribes podcast

Welcome to Thrive Mama Tribe Podcast, a podcast dedicated to women and children's health. If you're experiencing low energy, overwhelm, or anxiety, and suspect hormonal or gut imbalances, you're not alone. Join us as we explore treatment options to help you thrive and prioritize your well-being.

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