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About Dr Stephanie
 Helping mamas reclaim energy, confidence, time and health!

Treatment Paths

During my almost two decades of practice, I've filled my toolbox with many different certifications, trainings, and therapies because I want the best for my clients. It's also important that I'm able to meet you where you're at. Unlike the majority of practitioners out there, I've got both extensive experience in functional medicine, psychosomatic medicine (mind/body medicine) and trauma therapies. Everything is curated for you and your needs as a Mom.


My programs are designed to support you through the healing journey while empowering you with knowledge to take charge of your physical, mental, and emotional health. You will be seen, heard, and supported through the process, not only by me, but through our online community of Thriving Mamas. It really does take a village to not only raise children, but more importantly, support Moms through that journey so they can be healthy and happy too.  

The Thriving Mama Program Package

This is ideal for the Mom that wants a targeted approach that addresses her physical, mental and emotional needs using a comprehensive approach with the benefits of 1-on-1 and group visits. 

  • 12 week program (has options for continuation if desired)

  • Six one hour 1-on-1 appointments with Dr. Stephanie, including a health analysis and specific emotional work to identify and address what is holding you back from living the life you desire

  • Six Thrive Mama Tribe Community group calls 

  • Nutrition and Diet Guide with recipes

  • Targeted Lifestyle Coaching specific to your goals and need

  • 12 short weekly modules that include videos and worksheets to keep you on track

  • Support and accountability within our private Thrive Mama Tribe community

  • Messaging support in between appointments

  • Access to discounted supplements and services

The Thriving Mama Emotional Vitality Package

This is ideal for the Mom that wants purely 1-on-1 appointments, isn't ready to do all of the lifestyle work, or has her diet and lifestyle dialed in but wants to work on overcoming overwhelm and stress, self growth, and/or emotional or trauma work.

  • 6 one hour appointments

  • The first appointment we'll review your emotional health assessment and develop a plan to address your goals 

  • The remaining five 1-on-1 appointments focus on healing using HeartMath, HMT, and other therapeutic tools

  • Access to the Thrive Mama Tribe private community and resources in it

  • Messaging support in between appointments

  • Access to discounted supplements and services

Note: There are options to add functional labs to the above packages. Please reach out here if you're interested in this.

Click here to schedule your free 20 minute assessment.

The Toolbox

Nutrition and Diet Support

Lifestyle Counseling (Stress, Sleep, Exercise/Movement, Light Exposure, Energy, Social/Community, etc.)

HeartMath: utilizes the heart-brain connection to bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment which creates a profound shift within that helps you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity and personal confidence.

Holographic Manipulation Therapy: is a hybrid of many different techniques that throughout the years have shown the ability to impart profound changes in our nervous system. It directly works with all three levels of the mind, including the conscious, unconscious, and the subconscious mind and draws from many disciplines, but namely Neuroscience, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Physics, German New Medicine, Somatic Therapies (mind-body, mindfulness, breathing exercises, neurosomatic therapy, meditation, etc.) and energy medicine.

Family Time
dr stephanie davis

Although HMT is not hypnotherapy, it is a practical and simple way to access all levels of the nervous system, neutralizing the harmful effects that traumatic memories can cause. Traumatic memories can be anything that overwhelms the nervous system, from being teased or left out, to a bad accident or abuse. The body stores these experiences which keep occurring 

HMT is useful for:


Unresolved or stuck emotions/body feelings

Traumas of all levels (remember it is unique to you- what’s minor for one can be major for another)

Anxiety, depression, and mood related issues

Self growth (clearing subconscious programs that are holding you back)

Phobia and fears

Relationship support and growth

Emotional or energy blocks

Unresolved aches and pains

What People Are Saying

Wendy B.

"I have 30+ years medical training & experience, am a certified nutritional consultant, have read more than 40 health books, and have worked with numerous medical professionals in the past 10 years trying to improve my health, and Stephanie is by far the BEST!! She is knowledgeable, flexible, respectful, understanding, and will be a steady, reliable, caring partner in finding your best health!!!"

Emily M.

"Dr. Stephanie Davis is TERRIFIC!! I would highly recommend her! I have worked with her for one year now and have completely resolved my health issues!! We were able to successfully heal my adrenals/increase my energy, improve my sleep, resolve my gut issues, and lose weight. Emotionally and physically I’m feeling the best I have in decades."

Ally K.

"I haven't been angsty this month which is such a big improvement!! And it's way more peaceful around the house without my rage. We (my family) are just really grateful for the help you've given us and all of the progress we've made."

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